Lectures and teaching

Over the years I have held numerous lectures, workshops and evening courses.

– Pictures about thoughts and thoughts about pictures.
In this presentation I use a lot of my own philosophical poetry, and get very personal. Short pieces about nature and life. All put together with my thoughts on why I actually are doing this. How come I feel happy when being outdoors? How deep can one dig to find the meaning of ones existence? This presentation have given me the incredible honor of standing ovation, and people with tears in their eyes thanking me afterwards. 

– Pictures that are impossible to describe in a telephone call.
In 2015 I was invited for the second time to the iconic nature photo festival in Vårgårda, Sweden. In this presentation I am debating aspects of creativity, inspiration, visual expression and the impossible personal touch. This presentation has been popular in camera clubs around Norway, and are one I also use in my workshops.

This is a presentation made with teaching in mind. I use it in different workshop settings. I try to give my view and explanation to the phenomenon of creativity.

Live image review.
At the Norwegian Nature Photo Festival I have for several years done a live picture review/discussion on stage in front of the audience. We are tree photographers with different styles, debating on pictures that the audience have submitted. 

In addition to these main presentations, I have done various shot talks on different themes.

As a backdrop on stage I projected my photography at the release concert of Trioshperes third album. Visit my portfoliopage to se the whole series.


I have lost count on how many hours teaching I have done. To approximately sum some of it up, here is a list.

Workshops with Bjørn Joachimsen in northern Norway.
Workshop with Jan Magnus Reneflot in Trondheim.
Annually Workshops on creativity in Innerdalen Norway.
Teaching students in photography education, Trondheim.
A lot of evening classes in Lightroom and Photoshop.
Workshops for different camera clubs.

There are mainly two themes I teach in nowadays. Lightroom on the technical side. And creativity, witch is my favourite topic. I love to challenge the students and make them realise that they are putting boundaries on them selfs. To open some doors and have people play again. Not just follow the main stream of visual rules.